In a world where we can buy nearly anything with the press of a mouse click, more and more people expect their online orders to arrive immediately as well. However, only a few companies have been able to see this requirement and respond by developing same-day delivery systems in their operations. Here’s why you must offer same-day delivery to your consumers if you run your e-commerce firm.

Growing Demand for Same-Day Delivery

The demand for same-day delivery is increasing as same-day delivery becomes a more prevalent shipping option for those shopping online. Here are some intriguing facts about customer expectations and needs for same-day delivery.

• Fifty-six percent of online shoppers between the ages of 18 and 34 want their purchases to arrive the same day they place their orders.
• Sixty-one per cent of online shoppers say they would pay more to have their goods delivered the same day.
• Same-day delivery would make 49 percent of internet shoppers more willing to shop online.
• Eighty percent of online shoppers expect same-day delivery, while 61% want their items delivered within one to three hours of purchase.
• More than a quarter of online shoppers say they would abandon their shopping carts and abandon a website if same-day delivery was not available.

Why Your Business Needs to Get Onboard and Offer Same-Day Delivery

With such high demand for same-day delivery from customers, it’s simple to see why online businesses need to provide services that satisfy these expectations. With major retailers like Amazon noticing these trends and delivering consumers with what they want, it’s critical that every company joins the same-day race and capitalizes on this increasing trend before the competition becomes too fierce.

Where Is Same-Day Delivery in Demand?

Same-day delivery is in high demand everywhere. Customers may order anything online as long as same-day delivery is offered and consumers expect their items to arrive soon. Due to the logistical challenges that come with having to set up facilities across the country, same-day delivery is more frequently given in and near big cities. However, the larger the organization, the easier it will be to provide same-day delivery.

As technology advances, so does the desire for same-day delivery. Given the data presented above, it is evident that online businesses must provide this choice to their customers. If you’re not already offering same-day delivery, utilize this data to motivate you to start thinking about how you can get your products to customers faster so you can capitalize on this growing trend among online shoppers.

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