5 Dominant Warehousing Services Provided by Warehousing Firms

Dominant Warehousing Services Provided by Warehousing Firms

Warehousing is an essential service enabling businesses and industries to manage the distribution of goods to the consumers. The management of control and optimization of the warehouse operations is known as warehouse management and is an effective tool of rightfully and efficiently managing the goods. Warehousing involves more than just holding of goods in a storage facility. Some of the services offered by warehousing firms are:

  • Order Fulfilment: Order fulfilment services include order processing, packaging, labelling and shipment. Businesses use this service of the warehouse to reduce their operational costs associated with running their own infrastructure, focus on core functions and reach out to consumers across multiple channels.
  • Inventory Control: Warehousing successfully helps in inventory control for businesses. It makes it easy for companies to eliminate and reduce receiving errors.
  • Contract Warehousing: Contract warehousing is a service given to companies desiring to establish distribution centres in certain regions. This means a business can set up a warehouse facility overnight and start delivering goods to consumers within a few days. This is very famous among start-ups and businesses experiencing fast growth.
  • Cross Docking: This allows clients to route products from one or multiple manufacturing sites to a strategically located distribution centre. When goods arrive from manufacturing centres, they are deconsolidated (broken down) into multiple shipments and then delivered to consumers. This service makes financial sense to manufacturers who do not have the physical space, equipment, and labor required to undertake special order fulfilment.
  • Transport and Transloading: Most warehousing facilities offer transport services to clients/businesses as well. Depending upon the client’s needs, this could include ocean, rail, road, or air services. Transloading is the transfer of goods from one mode of transport to another, for instance, the transfer of goods from a truck to an aeroplane. Some warehouse firms provide this service to their clients as well.

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